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Ferguson On One Year Anniversary Of Michael Brown's Death

Source: Getty / Getty

New video has surfaced from the convenience store footage of Mike Brown’s last hours which shows him make some kind of trade with store clerk for apparent drugs just eleven hours before the tragic killing. The video shows Brown enter the store, grab items and go to the counter where he hands a small package to the store clerk. In return the clerks smell the package and then hand brown two boxes of cigarillos.

Brown ends up leaving his stuff with the clerks behind the counter…which explains why he returned to the store the next day to retrieve them and not rob anyone. Prosecutors and police knew of this video yet declined to acknowledge it.

In the senseless killing of Mike Brown in Furguson, MO. which sparked outrage and riots all over. The officer was cleared after footage was released by the Ferguson Police Department showing Brown in a shoving match with the store clerk before taking a box of cigarillos, minutes before he was killed. This footage was used to “demonize” Mike Brown as a violent robber which probably affected the grand jury’s decision on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson.