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Remy Ma/ Nicki Minaj Collage

Source: J. Countess/ Alexander Tamargo / Getty

Jesus. Remy Ma just went in the booth and unloaded on Nicki Minaj.

Nicki set the Internet on fire last night when she dropped a verse on Gucci Mane’s song Make Love, which left fans convinced the Barb was taking multiple shots at Remy. Well Remy was listening and waiting with one in the chamber because she dropped Shether a few minutes ago and it is thoroughly disrespectful.

“You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap / You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques,” Nicki raps on the Gucci track.

While Nicki relied on her signature braggadocious flow and metaphors like “I’m the iPhone, you the Nokia,” Remy takes personal shots at Nicki’s failed relationship with Meek Mill, alleged plastic surgery, claims that Safaree was her ghostwriter and the legal drama surrounding her brother.

“Who supports a pedophile? Nicki Minaj,’ Remy spits on the legendary Ether beat Nas used against Hov in 2001.

Music heads have been buzzing about the stewing beef for weeks. Up until now, Remy Ma has made it very clear she wasn’t taking shots at Nicki Minaj on popular verses like the Wait A Minute (Remix) where she raps, “Get rid of those fake breasts / And put a vest on this b*tch chest.”

Remy denounced rumors she was coming at Nicki in a recent interview on Hot 97.

“Girl never did nothing to me. … Any person I ever had a problem with or felt any type of way about, I will have no problem saying your name,” Remy Ma said. “I don’t want you sitting there wondering if I’m talking about you…I’m going to say your name, your government name.”

Staying true to her word, Remy mentioned Nicki directly when she posted the cover art to Shether on Instagram.

Nicki isn’t backing down and posted this response on Instagram.

What do you think of Remy’s record? Did she go too far mentioning Nicki’s brother, or is all fair in war?


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