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Jimi Cravity

Source: sixstepsrecords / Capitol Christian Music Group

After tragedy comes triumph.

Worship recording artist Jimi Cravity knows this well, and his new video for “Prada (The Luxury of Suffering)” is a moving illustration of his message.

“I’m always thinking about: ‘What is the beauty of someone suffering?’” he explains to TUD. “You think about Martin Luther King suffering for civil rights, and the beauty of his suffering was the Civil Rights Act. Within the video, there’s moments where you see the freedom from suffering, and you kind of see the beauty of it, the beauty of what comes from it.”

Cravity, the latest signee to sixstepsrecords and Capitol Christian Music Group, is continuing the story he began in “Beacon.”

“My son was diagnosed with cancer, and I was going through a very challenging time of suffering of the soul,” he shares. “I wanted to figure out: How can I rejoice in this? With both of those videos, we are thinking how can we depict hope in the midst of shadows? How can we depict light in darkness?”

Both songs come from his Heaven EP, released earlier this year. Spanning everything from pop, rock and urban contemporary, Heaven is a diversified effort with a little something for everyone.

“We wanted to make something that was global and tribal, that could connect and travel with people that are from all different walks of life,” he continues. “I believe that the beauty of music is that it’s a universal language, and it can connect with so many different people.”

Watch the powerful visual for “Prada” below.


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