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Thursday crept up on us like it never left and no one is complaining! It’s our time to gather and help out one of our fellow #Lovers while listening to the best R&B selection on your radio. We just heard tonight’s featured artists for the#SMCS Ashford & Simpson. You think they ever had any issues like the couple in tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario?

Vita and Michael have been happily married for 17 years. They both wanted to invite someone into their bedroom to spice things up for quite some time so, while on vacation in the Caribbean, Vita invited a woman they met who was traveling alone to have a threesome with them and she agreed. Vita noticed Michael was really into it and asked if they could return next year and have another threesome.

Vita replied yes, but only if next time the the third is a guy. Michael said no. Vita thinks it’s a double standard that she can’t invite another man. Vita is wondering, what’s the big deal with allowing the female to enjoy herself too? Should threesomes only be to satisfy the man in the relationship?

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