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Let me give you the poll numbers first.

According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll that was taken just a week ago, Donald Trump polled at getting only one percent of the black vote.

One reason I wanted to start with the poll on African American Trump support is to point out that if things continue as they are, in order for him to win in November, Donald Trump would have to get more than 65 percent of the white vote.

That’s a high hurdle considering the demographics of the electorate.

And that is why, according to The Wall Street Journal, Trump’s staffers and advisors are calling for him to reach out and try to make inroads with the black community.

Even with an African American outreach team, those inroads will not come easily, if at all, and here’s why:

  1. The Central Park Five.

In the late 1980’s a New York woman jogging through Central Park was raped and beaten within an inch of her life.

A group of African American and Hispanic schoolboys was convicted only to have their convictions vacated after spending between six and 13 years in prison.

At the height of the controversy Donald Trump took out a full-page ad in four major New York newspapers titled “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY.  BRING BACK OUR POLICE!”

The ad excoriated the accused and went on to read,”I want to hate these muggers and murderers. They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes. They must serve as examples so that others will think long and hard before committing a crime or an act of violence.”

The men later sued and won a $41 million settlement from the city.

Donald Trump called the settlement a disgrace.

  1. President Obama’s birth certificate.

In 2011 Donald Trump went on a tear over President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.


Trump – “You are not allowed to be a president if you weren’t’ born in this country. He may not have been born in this country and I’ll tell you what, three weeks ago I thought he may have been born in this country right now I have some real doubts… I have people that have actually been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding.

Vieira – “You have people now there searching in Hawaii?

Trump – “And they cannot believe what they’re finding.  I would like to have him show his birth certificate.”

The President eventually released his birth certificate and then threw some not so subtle shade at Trump and the rest of the Republican birthers.

“We do not have time for this type of silliness. We got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve.  And I’m confident we can solve them but we’ve got to focus on them.  Not on this.”

  1. David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.

Earlier this year Trump initially refused to denounce the former leader of the KKK.

After the controversy took on a life of its own, Trump dismissively disavowed Duke.


Reporter- “Mr. Trump, how do you feel about the recent endorsement from David Duke?

Trump – “I didn’t even know he endorsed me.  David Duke endorsed me?  I disavow ok?

And then he called on the next reporter.

  1. The rest.

The rest is all of the ugliness Americans see and hear coming from Trump rallies – some of the violence and hateful language spewed at protesters and people of color in general.

Not to mention the reports of Trump and his father were sued by President Richard Nixon’s Justice Department for systematically discriminating against blacks in housing rentals.

Mr. Trump has told me in his own words in interviews a number of times that he is “the least racist person” ever.

Yes, his words do matter.

Question is what will matter more to black people in the voting booth, Donald Trump’s words or his actions?

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