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A Black Day

Earlier today, Lamar High School was buzzing with activity as photos of two students photographed in blackface went viral. One of the students was dressed in a costume that was supposed to be Tupac Shakur. The picture of the student was taken at an off-campus party thrown by a sorority that has no official ties to the school.

Once the photo went viral on social media, some students were not happy with what they saw.

“I thought it was blackface and I was immediately offended,” said senior student Ogechi Anene to “She was supposed to be Tupac. If you were to impersonate a black person even as a costume I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear black paint on your skin.”

Friends of the student that attended the party believe the reaction is being “blown out of proportion.” Wahid Faety, a student who attended the party, said “it was interpreted in a racist manor, which it wasn’t intended to be. And social media has a tendency to boost these things to make them go viral.”

Two younger black girls that offered comments on the situation felt the photo “was offensive” and were hurt. They also believe school officials should take action against the student in blackface “to let her know what she did wasn’t right.”

SOURCE: The Boom Box | PHOTO: Getty

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