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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has always been a huge “bragger” when it comes to money, cars and h%s, but it looks like a judge has seen enough and wants answers.

50 Cent has filed bankruptcy in lieu of his multiple lawsuits he has lost, yet he continues to post Instagram pictures with stacks of money…and he definitely doesn’t look broke.

Judge Ann Nevins in his bankruptcy case has ordered him back to court and has expressed to his lawyer that the photos with large sums of money bring into question the actual need for Jackson’s bankruptcy claim.

A bankruptcy judge told 50 Cent that these images are raising doubts about his actual financial status 

In a classic case of “dry snitching”, 50 Cent keeping it real might cost him most of his fortune….now that’s keeping it real dumb. As long as it doesn’t affect the next season of “Power” I’m good with it.

50 Cent (pictured) has filed for bankruptcy but has posted Instagram photos with stacks of cash like this one spelling out the word 'BROKE'

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