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Just like that, Tila Tequila has trumped her theory that the Earth is flat.

In her latest slew of tweets, Tila attempts to defend her use of the “N” word. It began with a tweet that read, “Someone I know who’s obviously NOT from Houston told me I need 2 stop saying the N word.”

Tila goes on to mention Nicki Minaj and Tupac songs where the two artists constantly use the word, and tweets, “You can’t expect people of all races 2 listen to popular music and not have the N word embedded into their heads.

Read Tila’s barrage of tweets (and try to make sense of them) below.

She then attempted to label her racial rant an “experiment,” and vowed to call it a day.

But shortly thereafter, the bizarre rhetoric began again.

What’s going on with Tila? SMH.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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