NBA Finals Game 1: Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics

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The NBA All-Star teams for East and West have been released and there were the obvious names like Kobe Bryant (L.A. Lakers), Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat).

There were players arguably snubbed like Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls) and Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors).

The West Starting Lineup

Position   Player                      Team                               ASG Apperances   Total Votes

Guard      Stephen Curry         Golden State Warriors   3rd                           1,604,325

Guard      Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder  5th                              772,009

Forward  Kobe Bryant             Los Angeles Lakers      18th                          1,891,614

Forward  Kevin Durant            Oklahoma City Thunder  7th                              980,787

Forward  Kawhi Leonard        San Antonio Spurs          1st                              782,339

The East Starting Lineup

Position  Players                     Team                                ASG Apperances  Total Votes

Guard      Dwyane Wade         Miami Heat                     12th                            941,466

Guard      Kyle Lowry                Toronto Raptors              2nd                            646,441

Forward  LeBron James         Cleveland Cavaliers      12th                         1,089,206

Forward  Paul George             Indiana Pacers                3rd                            711,595

Forward  Carmelo Anthony     New York Knicks              9th                            567,348

Kobe Bryant received 1,891,614 votes,making this his 18 All-Star appearance in his historic 20 year career and a good look for his farewell tour!!!

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