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England’s Oxford University welcomed Kanye West, and let him speak about whatever his heart desired for 40 minutes straight – seriously, a dream come true.

We have to wait a little while longer for his upcoming offering SWISH/So Help Me God, but listening to the rapper talk about his most memorable music moments, overly expensive digs, The Matrix, and more for almost an hour will more than hold us over until the album arrives.

As in any Kanye speech, there were tons of quotable moments. Now father to his first-born son, ‘Ye looks back on the making of his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, and said this of Nicki Minaj:

“One of the most memorable things about MBDTF was Nicki Minaj, and the fact that she kicked my ass, on my own song, on one of the best albums… the best album – I’m just saying what the critics said – of the last 25 years.”

Though he’s been trying to sell sweaters for over $1,000, he also criticized expensive clothes. According to ‘Ye:

“Clothing should be like food. There should never be a $5000 sweater.”

Watch the rest of his Oxford Guild Society speech just above and tell us your favorite quotable moment below.


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