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Lance Gross’ rise to fame has included playing the lead in several Tyler Perry movies and even landed him a role on Grey’s Anatomy. He credits his progression and growth as an actor to his time at Howard University.

He recalls stepping on campus for the first time and how it felt like home even though he was over 2000 miles away from his family. The welcoming nature of the school provided Lance with the best years of his life, topped off with a great education and a family-like environment. Lance was always known as the shy kid, but it wasn’t until his “Intro to Acting” class with Professor Kim James Bey, that he was finally able to break out of his shell. It was then that he was started to take his craft seriously, as HU helped him develop from a boy into a young man.

The family-like aspect comes from staff talking to students outside of the classroom and nurturing relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime. According to Lance, that special bond goes for anyone who went to an HBCU as they’re all instilled with the fact that success can be achieved with a little determination.

“Anything that you can dream, you can achieve with hardwork,” says Lance.

Hear more about Lance’s story in the video above.

Lance Gross Explains How Howard University Influenced His Life As An Actor  was originally published on theurbandaily.com