Can Kelly remember where he was when he first heard his song on the radio? He knows the song was “She’s Got That Vibe,” but he doesn’t remember exactly when. “I think someone woke me up to tell me it was on the radio.”

Kelly did have some throat problems a few years back but he said he was good a month or two later after he was treated and never missed a step or note on tour, except for one night.

“I’m in tip-top shape now. I was on tour every night. I didn’t get a break. I was doing all of my hits and I’d get down to that one song [“When A Woman Loves” ] and you gotta hit that note. You gotta hit that. It was a hard thing to do every night,” he says. “It just got the best of me on that last night.”

Longtime NBA fan and amateur baller himself, now that Chicago’s out of it, Kelly can make his NBA Finals prediction: Golden State.

“I love LeBron’s game and we all know what LeBron can do, but I got Curry and them,” he says.

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