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By Hashim Warren

As a single woman you know there’s only two choices for you on Valentine’s Day – sink in sadness because you don’t have a date, or completely flee the love carnival erupting around you.

Well that’s not true for the modern woman, where single no longer equals lonely. Just because there’s no man in your life doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun! Follow these 3 easy tips and you’ll be able to enjoy a magical February 14th, even though you’re not in a relationship.

Tip #1: Discover Real Romance

Did you know “romantic” doesn’t just describe the love affair between a couple? The dictionary let’s us know that anything with a “mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal” is romantic, as well as anything that’s “adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful”.

Why limit your doses of romantic experiences to the times when you have a man in your life? Instead, use Valentines Day as a boost, as a reminder to indulge in things that make your eyes wide and your heart swoon.

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Take a one day vacation to the prettiest part of your city. Try an exotic dish you’ve never tasted before. Get up early to watch the sunrise and smell the morning air.

What’s a romantic activity that you’ve been sitting on, waiting for a man to do for you? This Valentine’s Day is the time to make it happen yourself! Do something that will delight you, no matter who is standing next to you.

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Tip#2: Practice The Art of Love

You may not have known the true meaning of romance, but I’m sure you know that love is bigger than the affection between a couple. Valentine’s Day’s could be a 24 hour festival of love for everyone, including yourself if you allow it to be.

Who do you love; who do you appreciate deeply? Valentine’s is your day to connect with your special friends, and express your love to your family. Choose a fellow single lady who you enjoy spending time with, and plan your romantic adventure with her!

Learning to express affection to the different people in your life satisfies a deep need you have for belonging, and even sets you up emotionally for the next man you’ll date. You can use your Valentine’s to stretch those heart muscles.

Tip #3: Ask Your Cool Friends For Ideas

We’re leaving the 3rd tip up to you, the Hello Beautiful audience! Leave a comment telling us how you would plan a magic Valentine’s Day, without a man on your arm. And remember – this is only for all the single ladies!