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George Zimmerman has absolutely no remorse for killing an unarmed teen, and he’s blaming President Barack Obama for Black people getting so mad at him for it.

Two years after he was let off the hook for murdering Trayvon Martin, George released a 13-minute video through his lawyers to reiterate the fact that he’s not sorry about what he did. He’s standing by his argument that he was fighting for his life, and as such did what he needed to do to survive.

“Only in a true life-and-death scenario can you have mental clearness to know that you cannot feel guilty for surviving,” he said, adding that he would have behaved differently if he thought they both could have walked away from the situation.

“Had I had a fraction of the thought that I could have done something differently, acted differently so that both of us survived, then I would have a heavier weight on my shoulders,” he said.

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Conveniently, George glossed over the fact that he could have stopped the deadly fight before it began had he listened to 911 dispatchers and not followed or confronted Trayvon.

Black people in America looked at the verdict in his case to be a gross miscarriage of justice considering George’s behavior after he was cleared. Since escaping charges for Trayvon’s death, George has threatened his estranged wife and he was arrested for aggravated assault following an argument with his girlfriend.

Somehow, George doesn’t believe that Black people would have been so upset with him had President Obama not publicly identified with the slain teen. While addressing Trayvon’s death, the president stated that the Florida kid could be his or even a younger version of himself.

“To me, that was clearly a dereliction of duty, pitting Americans against each other based solely on race.” George accused. “I think the president should have done what he said he was going to do and not interject himself in a local law enforcement matter or state matter.”

It’s unclear why he decided to speak out now, but it seems that he still has no intention of taking any responsibility for his actions.


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