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Ted Cruz

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Staunch right-winger Ted Cruz announced his 2016 presidential campaign at the top of the week, and has already been hit with a quick reminder about the importance of planning ahead.

While his name is likely being rush-printed on campaign bumper stickers, yard signs, and billboards, Cruz is having trouble holding down his online footprint. Amazingly, the Republican Senator doesn’t own the domain and his communications blunder is our comedic gain.

Whoever owns is pulling an extended stunt on the Presidential hopeful with a simple message that runs entirely opposed to his campaign. Namely, support for the sitting Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama and immigration reform, two things Cruz seems to loathe. While Cruz has a dedicated dot-org to his name, the simple-as-can-be website just says “SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA” and “IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW!” in plain lettering.

A more innocuous domain troll also called early dibs on, a bargaining chip the owner is apparently using to try and finagle a meeting with Cruz, according to CNN. We like the original the best, it’s almost like someone stuck a “Kick Me” sticker on Cruz’s back that he knows about but can’t quite reach. It’ll be fun watching him squirm though.


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