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Just when you thought you had seen the last of him, he’s back!

I’m talking about none other than George Zimmerman.

This latest reemergence comes even after some of his former attorneys have wondered why he just doesn’t go away quietly.

In a new video, provided by his divorce attorneys, the law firm of Ayo and Iken in Orlando Florida, Zimmerman basically blames President Obama for is problems and says he was victimized by the administration.

“He took what should’ve been a clear-cut self-defense matter and still to this day, on the anniversary of the incident, he held a ceremony at the WH inviting the martin Fulton family and stating they should take the day that all children’s lives matters. Unfortunately for the president I am also my parents’ child. For him to make incendiary comments as he did and to direct the DOJ to pursue a baseless prosecution, he by far overstretched, overreached, even broke the law in certain aspects.”

Zimmer says the President’s “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” comment was clearly a dereliction of duty.

He says now that the Department of Justice investigation is over and he’s cleared, that now is the perfect time to speak his mind.

He says that he no longer fears retaliation by the administration, and that he feels his civil rights were violated.

“They opened up an investigation and reopened it to see if I had violated his civil rights. And again, they had numerous examples of bounty being placed on my head. Credible threats against myself and my family from who they know to be domestic terrorists and the President and the Attorney General and the fed government declined to do anything about it.”

Zimmerman says he has a clean conscience and that he did nothing wrong, even explicitly stating it was all God’s will.

“I mean as a Christian, I believe God does everything for a purpose. He had his plans and for me to second guess them would be hypocritical, almost blasphemous. Had I had a fraction of a thought that I could’ve done something differently so both of us could of survived, I would have heavier weight on my shoulders. That sense in the back of my mind, but in all fairness, you cannot as a human feel guilty for living, for surviving.”

Believe it or not, there are people out there who believe Zimmerman was right.

We spoke to one last night on CNN.

Matters not to me because even if you feel you are right sometimes you should just have a seat and be quiet.

For George Zimmerman, now is one of those times.

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