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NYC straphangers were faced with a deadly argument during yesterday’s rush hour as a 69-year-old retired corrections officer shot and killed 32-year-old Gilbert Drogheo, a man was said was to be arguing with the former officer a few stops before the shooting happened.

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New York Times is reporting that the shooting happened just before 6:45 p.m. on the mezzanine level of the Borough Hall subway station in Downtown Brooklyn, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said. The retired officer shot the victim with a 9-millimeter handgun that he was carrying. The shooter stepped between the two young men–one was the man he shot and the other was the victim’s friend. The two friends were having a conversation, the police said, at which point an argument ensued. The argument turned physical on the train, the police said, and one of the younger men spit on the retired officer.

“They got on at Bowling Green, arguing,” an eyewitness told #TeamBeautiful exclusively. “From what I saw, they starting fighting on the train and the next thing you heard was, ‘Gun!’ and that was right when we pulled into the Borough Hall station. Once the train door opened, everybody ran out.” The witness says she started to run with the crowd, when a fellow straphanger grabbed her, telling her she’d be more safe if she stayed on the train. She (the eye witness) and the man who warned her watched the gunman meticulously and calmly load his gun, gather his things and leave the train, after Drogheo.

The eyewitness says, “He left the train, and went to the right and then he turned back and went left to follow the guy. The gunman pointed the gun at the guy in the black hat on the platform in front of the door, in front of me.” Everyone watching urged the gunman not to shoot, as the subway sat in the station with the doors open. The retired officer cornered Drogheo at the end of the platform and the two wrestled before he was able to escape.

Someone’s plea for the victim to run sparked the victim to run up the stairs and it’s been said by the eye witnesses that the retired officer followed the man up the stairs.

The eyewitness says that, “All we heard was a big bang!” From the video, we can see that the shooter went up the stairs, punching the victim in the face immediately and a struggle ensued. A couple of seconds passed and the retired officer shot the victim. “He was on his back, and he was shot, just below the heart,” said a witness who works in the area and declined to give his name. “He was yelling, ‘I didn’t do s—, you’ve got it all wrong, you guys are f—–d up,’” the witness said.

He was taken to Brooklyn Hospital Center, where he was pronounced dead. The retired officer was taken in police custody to Long Island College Hospital for treatment. The other younger man, who the police say is 29, was taken to a nearby police station for questioning. The police had not released the names of either man Tuesday night, and no charges had been filed.

No charges. That’s an interesting determination, considering the video and eye witness accounts clearly state that the retired officer premeditated this shooting and stalked his victim. “He appears to be a licensed gun-holder, so unless its determined that it was a bad shooting, he shouldn’t be charged,” a high-ranking police source said.


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