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Nathan Ferguson (pictured) has traveled here 108 times and now, he has taken his 109th trip—that would be directly to jail! It seems that Ferguson is a record breaker of sorts and not in a good way. As Northeast Ohio’s most-arrested man, Ferguson has now landed behind bars yet again for allegedly stealing a number of teeth whitening kits valued at $47 from a local CVS drug chain, according to the New York Daily News.

As if 108 trips to jail isn’t enough, Ferguson also has three active warrants with the South Euclid Municipal Court and four other outstanding warrants with the following four law enforcement departments—Highland Heights, Cleveland Heights, University Heights and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office.

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The alleged thief with a rap sheet that goes back 31 years had his latest caper take place in Cleveland on Monday. Ferguson walked into a CVS and shoplifted a few teeth whitening kits.  As the crime careerist exited the store, he glanced at a security guard and reportedly broadcasted, “I don’t have anything on me.”  The security guard, however, was too familiar with Ferguson’s MO and recognized him at first glance.

Ferguson reportedly stepped into a waiting vehicle outside of the store, and hightailed it away from the premises but didn’t get very far, as he was stopped a little ways down the road by police.  When the policemen asked the 49-year-old for identification, he reportedly provided his brother’s name. According to authorities, Ferguson has 26 aliases he has used over the years.

Police personnel, who are only too familiar with Ferguson seem to think he might have a good shot at getting into that famed book of record breakers.  “Does anyone have a contact for Guinness Book of World Records?” cops asked in a Facebook post according to the New York Daily News. “We think we might have one worth evaluating.”

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