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TMZ caught up with Oprah Winfrey coming out of Lucques in West Hollywoodand informed her of Bobbi Kristina’s devastatingly tragic condition. “Do we know how she is right now?” Oprah asked the paparazzi. There’s been plenty of news reports claiming that Bobbi’s family has taken her off of life support, but her father, Bobby Brown has since come out and made an official statement denying said claim.

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The TMZ pap shared the news with Oprah, to which Oprah started to tear up. When another photographer urged her not to cry, Oprah assured that she wasn’t. The paparazzi who initially informed Oprah on Bobbi’s current condition asked her about Tyler Perry’s involvement with the Bobbi and she said:

“Tyler’s been really close to the family. Tyler was really supportive of Whitney when she had her troubles. He intervened and tried to help her. I know he’s been instrumental in trying to help Bobbi Kristina too. There aren’t any words right now.

I was not close to Whitney. My friend Tyler was close to Whitney. I couldn’t say I was close to her. Just because you do an interview doesn’t make you close. I’m not one of those people. It’s a sad time. I don’t believe there’s any irony in the timing. It’s just been three years,” Oprah said referring to Whitney’s untimely death on Feb. 11, 2012.

A sad time indeed. We’ve been very selective of the coverage of Bobbi Kristina. While we want to keep you up-to-date with her condition, we don’t want to get into the muddiness of reporting things that may or may not be true. We also don’t want to diminish the value of her life by giving you trivial updates. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bobbi and her entire family at this difficult time.


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