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For his own wedding to girlfriend Eniko Parrish, who he proposed to last year, which has been breathlessly reported in the media, Hart has already chosen his best man, his son Hendrix.

“I’m grooming my son to be a better version of me as a version of myself but better. So him being a part of anything I do is a must. I think that will be different and that will be special.” As for his daughter, Heavyn, Hart says she might plan the wedding, as precocious as she is at age 9.

“I can’t even describe the level of maturity. Yesterday, she told me that I should stop dressing like a racist. I said do you even know what that means. It means that you don’t like somebody because of the color of their skin. Is that what you think? She said ‘I’ve got a lot of people to apologize to, because I’ve been saying that word a lot. She’s so smart, she got the gist of it.”

As far as his own wedding date, Hart says that the reason why the amount of dogs you see on his Instagram page keeps increasing is that everytime a date is mentioned, he just buys a dog. Despite the fact that he says he’s set up his home to incorporate at least three more dogs, his plan has backfired with the latest addition, a dog that has grown into what he describes as a small pony.

“I’ve got three dogs,” Hart says. “I’m set up for three more. Now granted our house doesn’t smell like it should, but it’s the only deflection plan I’ve got. Y’all think I’m lying. Check my Instagram, I’m serious.”

Hart has come a long way from his humble Philadelphia origins, but he says he hasn’t let fame and his ever-growing career get the best of him. He’s just enjoying life.

“I don’t think about all this stuff. I’m handling life well. I’m enjoying being a father and watching my kids become well-rounded individuals. That’s what I love. This other stuff is all a bonus. I don’t care about the fame. I don’t care about the lights, cameras, action. I love the fact that I’m doing what I love to do and that the levels that I’m doing it are just getting bigger. The movies and the opportunities that I’m getting, and the people that I’m getting to work with. That’s all a plus. But as far as the fame, I don’t give two thoughts about that. It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t faze me.

Hart hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend for the second time. In case you, like Tom Joyner is unsure when that airs, it’s 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

Listen to the whole interview, including what happens when a publicist jumps in to let the show know they’re out of time with Kevin.

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