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“You never know, you never know. I hear that they’re working on a reboot of it, and there’s a lot of enthusiasm, at least from the fan base.” When asked if Blade was his favorite role, he says it was one of them along with Franklin in the TV movie adaptation of Terry McMillan’s book Disappearing Acts.

When asked directly about his tax conviction and what he would do differently Snipes says that the public perception – that he didn’t want to pay his taxes – is incorrect.

“That’s a presumption that’s not really true to the facts and I think they’ll will be an opportunity to talk about that but I don’t know if this is the time. There was an offer to pay on the table. We put the offer up. “

Snipes says his life now is very, very good. In fact, it’s divine, in all the aspects of that word.

“Everything is extremely good. It’s a divinely blessing and the Good Lord is always in the life and the soldiers and the angels and the cherubim are opening up the pathway.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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