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Amber Rose may be 30, but she plays one hell of a 17-year-old! The self-proclaimed “bald-headed scallywag” made her acting debut in Nick Cannon’s new flick “School Dance” and in case you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s pretty hilarious which could be attributed to the film’s star-studded cast. Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, George Lopez, Wilder Valderrama Luenell, Lil Duval and newcomers Bobb’e J. Thompson and Kristina DeBarge.

Amber’s character Mary Wanna is the popular, ghetto girl in high school (if the name, crop top and poom poom shorts weren’t a blatant indicator). We caught up with the Muva Rosebud, who dished on her first role and how high school has changed since she last roamed the halls.

“It’s a really funny movie,” Amber she said in our candid interview. “I would have to say the funniest person is Mike Epps because he is really silly and childish,” she added. “I won’t even repeat the things that he said.”

“Girls didn’t like me very much in high school,” she said in our candid interview. “I was very popular, but boys loved me. So it was always like, the girl liked the boy, but the boy liked me.”

It must suck to be so beautiful *side eye* Lol. Catch up with Amber in the exclusive video, above.


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