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Sasha Obama (pictured) turns 13 today. My, how times flies!

The littlest Obama first graced the White House when she was 7-years-old and has blossomed into a beautiful young girl.

Last year, she celebrated her special day by attending a One Direction concert in the nation’s capital with a few of her close buds. We’re not sure what her parents, Michelle and Barack Obama, have in store for their presidential tween but it’s sure to be a nice celebration. As the Obama’s plan to ring in Sasha’s transition to teenagedom, here are a 13 things you may not know about her:

1) Even though Sasha is an exotic and beautiful name, the moniker is just a nickname. Her actual name is Natasha.

2) Sasha is the youngest child to reside in the White House since John F. Kennedy, Jr. arrived as an infant in 1961.

3) When Sasha was just four months old, she developed meningitis. The infant had to undergo a spinal tap in order to diagnose the illness. Both Michelle and Barack have stated that Sasha’s illness was the most difficult event in both of their lives.

4) Sasha loves the piano and enjoys tickling the ivories!

5) She has rhythm and enjoys dancing, just like her mom. Sasha performs with a dance group whose repertory includes ballet, modern dance, jazz, hip-hop and Afro-Asian fusion.

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6) Even though her parents restrict television watching to zero during the week and only a little on the weekends, Sasha has found other interests that she truly enjoys like trying to perfect her tennis game, shooting hoops, arts and crafts and gymnastics.

7) Fashion seems to be a passion of Sasha’s, as she and her older sister Malia are real role models and budding fashion icons among the younger set.  She prefers bold colors and has a penchant for shoes.

8) Sasha was ecstatic when her dad lived up to his promise of getting the family a dog, after winning his first presidential election. Bo, the Portuguese water dog, is the First Family’s first White House pooch. He was named after Michelle’s father, whose nickname was Diddly, after the singer “BoDiddly.

9) Like 99.9 percent the youths all across the globe with cell phones, Sasha loves taking selfies!

10) Certainly not afraid of holding back her feelings, the oh-so-candid Sasha has quite a number of reactions she has not held back over the years. Her famous yawn during her dad’s last presidential inaugural speech was classic!

11) Sasha also loves to tease! She is the one who virtually patted her dad on the back after he took his official oath of office last year. After telling him that he had done a “Good job!,” a reminder of his flubbed words four years ago. “You didn’t mess up,” Sasha went on to say, teasing the commander-in-chief.

12) Braces aren’t exactly fashionable, but if you need them, you’ve got to wear them! Sasha has a set of her own.

13) Sasha has been described as spunky, lively and sassy, a kid who really enjoys a hearty laugh. She is also a sweetie who loves her mom, dad and big sis to no end!

Happy birthday Sasha!

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