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So far, singer/actor Usher is having a great year. Long past the drama with his ex-wife Tameka Raymond, Usher is this years’ The Voice winner with his singer Josh Kaufman, beating out perennial winners Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. He’s just released a new single “Good Kisser” and wrapped on his movie project Hands of Stone where he stars as boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. Even his love life has stabilized – he was just seen at  friend’s wedding with love Grace Miguel, a music executive.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show caught up with Usher, who had lots to say about winning and what he thinks folks will remember most from his biggest movie role in years.

TJMS: Congratulations on “Good Kisser,” the new single. Not your regular kind of kissing – lipstick on my thigh.

Usher: Leg.

Tom: Okay, leg., thigh. Congratulations.

Usher: Y’all know I won The Voice right?

Tom: That was my next Congratulations. Congratulations on The Voice.

Usher: Thank y’all so much.

Tom: So what is going to happen with Josh Kaufman, your talent, now?

Usher: Well, he’s working like crazy. Right now, he’s getting an understanding of what it is to be an artist. He’s doing the early morning interviews, he’s been traveling all around but really just enjoying it. First half is to go to NY, and do interviews and spend a little time with his family. Then we start on his record next.

Sybil Wilkes: Does that include a short lesson on how not to go Bieber?

Usher: You know this is a 38-year-old man so he’s been through enough in his life trying to get there. So you don’t get to be 38 and then start going crazy.

Tom: At what point, when all this Justin Bieber stuff was going down did you say Uh-oh, I think I made a monster?

Sybil: Or I need to have a long talk with that boy?

Usher: Well, we’re all God’s children. You gotta think about the fact that when you go through life’s journey, you’re going to go through some stuff. But you gotta understand the Internet don’t let up, though. It ain’t like he’s can just go through stuff on his own. There’s always a camera there.

Tom: At one point you could be on a talent show and become a star. But in the last five years, I can’t think of anyone who’s come off a show and had a successful entertainment career. Can you?

Usher: Not in America, but there’s obviously shows that have. In the past it worked like that you’re right and I’m hoping that this will be a different time for Josh. He’s a real person and kind of against the standard of a successful artist. You have a 38-year-old man with three children and he’s married. This was obviously people not just voting with their ears. He’s a dope singer, but people cared about him.

Sybil: Yeah, his story and his background.

Usher: The more he talks about who he is and where he’s from, and sings music relevant to him, the more people get into him.

Sybil: Can we talk about your movie Hands of Stone? Tom’s a big boxing fan and you took on this role, which I think is a really good casting move. I’m not only looking forward to you playng the role, but what I understand is your first sex scene in the movie.

Usher: Yeah. Thank you.

Sybil: No, thank you is what I think we’ll be saying.

Tom: Any new business ventures coming up? You’ve got the Cleveland Cavaliers, the fragrance

Usher: I think I’m doing pretty well, but my abs, my abs, will literally be famous. You’ll see… my abs.

Sybil: In Hands of Stone, we’re going to literally see the good parts of Usher?

Usher: The abs of Usher. (laughs) Yea I’m the winner on The Voice, we’ve got the first draft pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers, I’m feeing really good about that. “Good Kisser’s” out and the album’s coming in August.

Speaking of abs, Usher promised fans he’d cook breakfast in his boxers if his artist won. Well, Josh Kaufman did win and Usher made good on his promise. Flip it and you’ll see the result.

Usher On ‘The Voice,’ His Star-Quality Abs and What’s Up With Bieber [PHOTO]  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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