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New York has always been a haven of creativity, as Hip-Hop culture and street art helped to define the undeniable lure of the city in that regard. Dancing is a part of that expression, too, and a new dance craze bolstered by a smash song from a Dominican-American rapper called the “Bronx Whine” is taking over the city.

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BB Bronx (pictured), also known as 16-year-old Carlos Almonte, has a smash hit on his hands with the “Bronx Whine” single featuring Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Farruko. Almonte, who was born in the Dominican Republic, moved to the Bronx when he was 12 years old and rose quickly as a rapper after garnering fame with a YouTube freestyle in 2010.

As BB Bronx, Almonte raps in a Spanglish style with his latest track taking on a decidedly Caribbean flavor. “Whine” is a play on the word “wind,” which in dancehall reggae is the action of gyrating one’s hip.

BB Bronx’s track is bouncy, catchy and fun, a perfect tune for the warm weather that’s soon to come with the arrival of spring. And although BB Bronx is slowly becoming the next big thing out of New York, he’s still just a sophomore high school student at Bronx Lighthouse Charter School.

Also of note, Almonte maintains a 3.75 GPA all while working hard on his debut album, Desde Otro Planet, which drops on April 1. But he says that music is just a passion while academics is his first love.

“School is number one,” Almonte said in a profile with the New York Daily News. “I’m doing my music and it’s going well, but school is first for me.”

Check out BB Bronx’s “Bronx Whine” featuring Farruko in the clip below:


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