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Ladies I know you think you know everything about everything, but there are just somethings you will never understand. So its a good thing that “The D.L. Hughley Show” is here to help. Listen to the audio below to hear the ten things that women don’t understand about men.

Part 1.

Part 2.

DL:  So Jazmin, you got Ten Things That Women Don’t Understand About Men, which you are one.

10. Lack of attention to detail.

   SW:  What?  I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.  What’d you say?

9.  Why men are so emotionally repressed?

        SW:  I tell my sidepiece all the time; your eyes are so beautiful.

8. The need to be extremely independent.

       DL:  Well, that’s what being a man is.

7. The need to fix everything.

   JS:  You guys are fixer.  You just want to fix everything.

6. The inability to multitask.

    DL:  That’s right.  But only five percent of the population in general can multitask, a large percent of them are women.  But now that we know you can multitask there’s no excuse for you to tell me now while you’re making me waffles.  (Laugh)

DL:  (Laugh) What are the last five things Things Women Don’t Understand About Men?

5. The reliance on us to find your stuff.

    JS:  Why can’t you keep up with your own stuff.

4. Bathroom etiquette.

   JS:  The toilet seat, you can’t put that down?

3. Sex can be a cure all.

   DL:  We could talk while we’re doing it.

2. Phone and communication issues.

  DL:  Texting was invented by a guy who wanted to communicate with a woman but didn’t want to hear her.

1. The need to adjust.

   DL:  Sometimes pockets aren’t enough.  You dig what I’m saying?  (Laugh)

10 Things That Women Don’t Understand About Men [EXCLUSIVE]  was originally published on thedlhughleyshow.com