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Most of us live by this golden rule that we should never to judge a book by its cover. Lies they told! I think it’s perfectly ok to judge a woman by her hair, especially if it’s never tamed. From wild and wacky to polished and chic, how you wear your hair speaks volumes to who you are as a person and say a lot about your personality.

Take our fun, and semi-judgmental, hair quiz to see what your tresses say about you!

How long do you spend on your hair each morning?

A. 5-10 minutes.

B. Less than 5.

C. 10-20 minutes.

D. More than 20 minutes.

How often to you change your hairstyle?

A. A trim every now and then.

B. All the time, I hate consistency.

C. Never, new styles me new tools

D. I’ve had the same style since college.

Do you color your hair?

A. My stylist colors my hair every 2 weeks.

B. Nope. I love my natural hair color.

C. Of course. I’ve been every color in the Crayola box.

D. Sometimes.

What is the length of your hair?

A. Depends on the day. I’m addicted to weaves.

B. Long. I’ve been growing my hair out.

C. Mid-length filled with curls.

D. Short, chic and easy.

Are you a DIY girl or a Salon diva?

A. Salon Diva! I am there every Saturday morning with my coffee and a book.

B. DIY girl! Do you know how much the salon will cost me. I’ll do it myself.

Your beauty closet is…

A. filled with just the shampoo and conditioners that my stylist uses.

B. a solid inventory of essentials

C. insane, over flowing with sprays, mousses, and gels

D. … a closet?

What’s your bad day hair resolutions?

A. My hair stylish is always on call.

B. There is no such thing.

C. Nothing a little hair spray can’t fix.

D. Headbands and gel.

Describe your hair in one word?

A. Polished

B. Carefree

C. Magnificent

D. Meh

Who is your hair icon?

A. Beyonce

B. Tracee Ellis Ross

C. Diana Ross

D. Solange

How important is your hair on a scale from 1-10?

A. 8 – Pretty important

B. 5 – Normal

C. 10 – My hair is everything. The day is wrong is my hair is not laid.

D. 2 – Blah, blah, blah we focus way too much on hair anyway.

So what does your hair say about you? Share your results in the comment section below.

Mostly A’s: A hairstylist dream

You’ve been headed to the salon every Saturday morning since you can remember. You trust your stylist more than you trust yourself. You’re a strong woman but you relay on others to confirm your beauty.

Mostly B’s: The Natural Beauty

You are the DIY girl. You’ve been doing your own tresses since high school. Cutting your own bangs,

Mostly C’s: The Beauty Queen

You’re a former beauty pageant queen (at least in your mind) with lots of love for the art of beauty. You are hard to shop for because you have it all—designer perfumes, the newest celeb makeup collaborations, and if we didn’t know any better we’d think that you’re a hair stylist.

Mostly D’s: Adorably lazy

You’ve kept a cute short cut because you don’t want to be bothered. Hair is the least of your concerns. You’d rather cultivate meaningful relationships and go on long staycations for the weekend. You’re not impressed with those who care about hair.

What Does Your Hair Say About You? [QUIZ]  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com