Rumors have been swirling for weeks that there was locker room problems in Washington, but until the Redskins returned from Philadelphia,it had pretty much stayed an in-house issue.  There was a growing sentiment that some of the players were getting a bit tired of QB Robert Griffin III’s shoddy play and refusal to own up to his own mistakes.  That firestorm got hotter when former Redskin Hall Of Fame Darrell Green weighed in on ESPN that he did not consider Griffin as a team leader.  Green says he does not see leadership skills inRG-3 based on the way he responds to any criticism of himself, or in fact, his refusal to be critical of his own performance.

Yet,Griffin always seems to slide others under the us whenthe Redskins lose.  Just as he did Sunday by suggesting the Eagles knew the Redskins plays before they even ran them, which was perceived as a sap at Kyle Shanahan, the team’s offensive coordinator and the man who calls the plays.  The comment offended his teammates so muchthat WR Santana oss felt compelled to offer Griffin some leadership advice during a radio talk show onWednesday.  Moss said that RG-3needs to learn how to use the words “I” and “me” when he’s shelling out blame for the Redskins woes on the field.  infact, it was Griffin himslfthat threw an ill-advised interception o give Philly the win on Sunday, a play that he said none of his teammates could get open.

The 2nd-year QB came out on Wednesday afternoon and did his beat to try and silence the critics, although some of his answers and comments sounded rehearsed and he seeme to take offense with anyone questioning his football intellect.  Ex-Redskins QB Donovan McNabb had reached out to Griffin last year to try and consult with him on some issues he thought he could help RG-3 with, but the then-rookie QB basically blew McNabb off and was uninterested in whatever the veteran had to say.  The Redskins play San Franciso this Sunday, a game that no one outside of the Skins’ locker oom expects them to win, so the question is can RG-3 find his passing accuracy, can he run the ball, and can he show his teammates hat he is still the rookie they fell madly in love with in 2012, despite the dismal 3 – 7 record.

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