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Diane Harris (pictured), a former beverage supervisor at the Detroit Greektown casino, just hit the jackpot in a HUGE way, but she didn’t gamble and win. Rather, she filed a discrimination suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against her employer and was awarded $600,000 on Monday, according to My Fox Detroit.

Harris was employed by the casino for ten years and when the manager’s spot came up she decided to interview for it. For six months, the coveted position remained vacant and during this time Harris assumed the duties of the job. She was confident that the spot would be hers as she toiled away at it for half a year without the title or compensation.

After the six month period, much to Harris’ surprise, the casino hired a Caucasian woman as manager, who was younger than her and less experienced at the job.  According to Ray Guzall, who spoke to My Fox Detroit, “They promoted this younger, female Caucasian employee above my client, and then they made my client train her.”

According to Harris, the young woman could not fit the bill and the casino fire her. The casino reportedly hired another Caucasian female and, again, asked Harris to train her as well. The second hire was also let go. Harris contends that both White women, who were younger than her, also had considerably less experience and could not perform the job that she was well adept at doing.

After Harris filed her discrimination complaint with the EEOC in January, she was terminated from her job one month later. “I got terminated and that’s not fair either, that’s illegal, and that’s why I went to court,” Harris told My Fox Detroit.

Way to go Diane and congratulations!

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Woman Wins Big EEOC Discrimination Lawsuit Against Detroit Greektown Casino  was originally published on newsone.com