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The Governor’s Race in Virginia is over and Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe has defeated Republican hopeful and Tea Party darling Ken Cuccinelli to win the Governorship as Virginia voters have again made it clear that it is a Blue State with moderate politics. The extreme ticket of Cuccinelli and E. W. Jackson, who ran for Lt. Governor was rebuffed by women, by minorities and the rest of the voting public. Even on Election Day, Cuccinelli was still pitching his Anti-ObamaCare rhetoric, despite the fact that Virginians were hurt by the shutdown, which was based on the same exact rhetoric.

McAuliffe, who has strong ties to former President Bill Clinton, and the next anticipated Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, was favored throughout the entire campaign with Cuccinelli wrapped up in the controversy over receiving gift money along with current Governor Bob McDonnell. In the Lt. Governor’s race, there was little suspense as Ralph Northam easily defeated Jackson, who’s comments about the President, Gays, and any other subject he decided to tackle left a bad taste in the mouths of many voters. The Republicans didn’t help Cuccinellii any with the shutdown, which was led by the Tea Party, some of his strongest allies. Not a good look politically in a state with so many Government jobs.