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For the life of me, I will never understand the kind of Black conservative that longs to be nestled under the bosom of stupid, indignant White conservatives, hoping to get an animal cookie–or better yet, ogled like a baby kangaroo at the National Zoo.

Before you even dare suggest it, I’m not referring to the likes of Colin Powell or even Condoleezza Rice. I’m referring to the type of Black conservative willing to dismiss history and the dignity of their people and other disenfranchised groups in order to have a media career among those who hate them.

I’m talking about columnist Star Parker, who stepped out at the Haus of Hatred known as the Value Voters Summit. There, Parker offered opening remarks themed around the “enemies of God” who are purportedly using homosexuality to undermine marriage. In her twisted assessment of events, “homosexuality is now dividing us and bringing hostility into the public square.” These same people are also trying to get Christians to smoke weed, get naked in front of strangers, and give up both their God and their guns, she says.

Parker also doled out the following advice to gay people: “Keep it private.” Why? To make you comfortable?

Isn’t the whole point of America to be as free as you choose to be? Better yet, it’s Parker’s own fault that she chooses to look at homosexuality solely through the prisms of oral and anal sex. I don’t sit around thinking about heterosexuality as only a man and a woman getting drunk and making a baby. If anyone chooses to think of sex in a perverse way and feel all icky about it, that’s on them.

Mind your own stroke, sis.

And like any dim-witted conservative who buys into the false narrative that the national media is controlled by a gang of left-wing politicos, Parker whined about being “mistreated” by select members of the press. I don’t know what planet this woman lives on, but most things controlled by large media conglomerates rarely, if ever, tilt that far to the left. I could further explain why, but why bother with people who treat the truth like it comes with a case of herpes and irritable bowel syndrome?

I can’t confirm if this woman is certifiably stupid, but based on her remarks in this clip, I’m prepared to send her a dunce cap for Christmas. So, comedians make fun of your bigotry, your zealotry, and your delusion. Big damn deal. You’re not dying from prejudice and you’re certainly not subjected to being immediately fired for your ridiculous beliefs. You’re free and clear to be as bullheaded and bigoted as you please.

Unlike you, gays don’t have it so lucky.

People like Parker can’t even base their biases on scripture as there are a growing number of clergymen better informed on the Bible and spurring meaningful debate in the process. But not Parker.

Her non-nonsensical, religious philosophy is akin to a time in which members of the faith cited scripture to justify slavery, abhor miscegenation and relegate women to second tier status. Thanks to their efforts, Parker now has the opportunity to appear before “Values Voters” who are now repeating their mistakes with gay people.

If you’re a victim of similar wrongdoings, why get on that podium with pom-poms and perpetuate a similar form of prejudice? Is the notoriety really worth it? What a waste of melanin.

P.S.: If I sound “hostile,” I’m only reciprocating what’s been given to me.

Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer. You can read more of his work on his site, The Cynical Ones. Follow him on Twitter: @youngsinick

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