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The truth is, while we’re all going about our daily lives, these groups are putting in the work. Mainstream media and even black media covers events that are attractive to their target audiences.  Reporting on what these organizations do day to day isn’t really news worthy, but it is worth noting, especially to those doubting their relevance.

A lot of people scoff at the work of Civil Rights groups until they or someone they love is wrongly arrested, fired, or murdered.

Visit the websites of the NAACP, The National Action Network, Rainbow Push Coalition, the SCLC, and the National Urban League.

These organizations are made up of hardworking, dedicated people who are doing more for us than we’re doing for ourselves.  In fact, they’re doing their jobs so well, there are generations who don’t even understand why they’re needed.

Go to and sign the petition to get a woman to lead the NAACP, but more importantly, learn more about the NAACP and then share what you’ve learned with someone else.

The thing that will kill off the NAACP faster than anything will be apathy.

Yeah, a woman at the head of the organization would be cool.  But what would be even cooler would be a push toward making everyone aware of why the NAACP is so worthy of our support—not just by saying we believe in it but by joining and being active.

It hasn’t been THAT long since the founding group—about 50 white liberals and seven black men and women—joined forces, took action against the lynching of black men and called for racial justice in Springfield, Illinois.

Let’s honor their courage and recognize that the fight for rights never ends.

“History teaches everything, including the future.”—French politician LaMartin

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