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The 2013 NFL season officially gets underway on Thursday with the defending world champion Baltimore Ravens battling Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, and the excitement of the upcoming season is certainly evident around the league.  We’re quite sure that Joe Flacco and Manning will start, but several other teams have waited until the final moments to reveal their plans as to who will be the starting quarterback.  The Washington Washington Football Team have made it clear that Robert Griffin III will start on Monday Night against Philadelphia despite “concerns” by the team surgeon.  Coach Mike Shanahan would not elaborate on what those concerns were.

The most interesting aspect of the Washington Football Team situation is that despite selecting Griffin at No. 1 and back-up Kirk Cousins with a No. 3 pick, and despite having a capable but limited veteran at the 3-spot in Rex Grossman, the Washington Football Team have decided to also keep a fourth QB in Pat White, who dazzled the fans during the preseason.  The decision begs the question of whether the Washington Football Team have any confidence in Griffin’s recovery, or whether it’s a move that they feel would bring some trade value if other teams might be interested in White.  The thing is, Washington has so many other needs that the gamble isn’t worth the risk when you have a superstar QB.

For QB Matt Flynn, this has been a weird roller-coaster ride.  Flynn was Aaron Rodger’s back-up in Green Bay two seasons ago, but was destined for his own stardom, so he took off for Seattle, but this Richmond kid named Russell Wilson took the team by storm and in the process, took Flynn’s job.  So this year, Flynn took off for Oakland, where it appeared he might get his wish to start in the NFL, only to be relegated to the bench yesterday behind 3rd-year man Terelle Pryor, according to reports out of Oakland.