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Breaking news.  Over the weekend the state of Florida declared it legal to shoot any unarmed black teenager wearing a hoodie.

 George Zimmerman’s online fund has reached $400,000 in donations.  So not only did he get away with killing Trayvon Martin, but he also turned a profit.

Right after the verdict George Zimmerman’s brother went on CNN and began smearing Trayvon Martin’s name.  I guess for these Zimmerman’s racism is a family affair.

 Aaron Hernandez is now claiming the Odin Lloyd was wearing a hoodie.

After the verdict was announced Beyoncé paid tribute to Trayvon Martin onstage.  And I’m sure somewhere Ted Nugent was on stage paying tribute to George Zimmerman.

Now that he’s been acquitted George Zimmerman will have to go somewhere where the murder of young people is excusable.  Oh, wait, he already lives in Florida.

 Paula Deen paid a bigger price for a racial slur than George Zimmerman did for a racial killing.

In the end it will be God, not a jury, that will judge George Zimmerman.  And in God’s courtroom the sentence for stalking and murdering a 17 year old boy is hell.

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