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This week, there’s a thriller starring Halle Berry, a Soviet-era thriller, and Steve Carell’s “incredible” comedy on magicians.

The Call

This thriller follows a 911 dispatcher who receives a call from a young woman that was murdered and she couldn’t save. Years later, she receives a similar call with the young woman (Abigail Breslin) being terroized by the same man. This time, she is determined to talk the girl through this and save her when she couldn’t save the other one.


Ed Harris stars in this thriller as the captain of a Soviet missile submarine during the Cold War. He suffers from seizures that alter his perception of reality and he is sent on a classified mission that pits him against a rogue KGB group (led by David Duchovny). He has to fight himself and those around him as he begins to realize he was sent on this mission with the expectation that he would fail.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

In the latest Steve Carrell comedy, he stars as a formerly famous magician who is looking to regain some of that old glory. When confronted with a new rival (played by Jim Carrey) he seizes the opportunity to be back on top.