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In one of the most shocking attempts ever to break the tension in the air of a high-profile murder case, George Zimmerman’s defense attorney Don West actually told a “knock-knock” joke to the jury. First, there is nothing funny about the circumstances of this trial, and secondly, neither the jury or anyone else in the courtroom found the joke to be the least bit humorous.

George Zimmerman, who is on trial for the death of Trayvon Martin, watched as his defense attorney practically insulted the Martin Family and the entire proceeding by his attempt at humor. He told the jury “Knock-Knock…….who’s there?……George Zimmerman………George Zimmerman who?….. Congratulations, you’re on the jury”.

West was later admonished by the judge after an objection from the prosecution for personalizing his commentary when he started into talking about something his mother used to say to him. It was truly a startling start for the defense team as the trial officially got underway this morning. This, following a powerful opening statement from Prosecutor John Guy.

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