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Viggle:  This app provides you with points just by watching TV.  The Viggle app on your phone will listen to the show or movie you are watching and will give you points after the program is over. Redeem your points and get gift cards to Gap, Old Navy, CVS, Target, Groupon and other restaurants and stores.

Ibotta: The Ibotta app rewards you with cash in your Pay Pal account for purchasing selected qualified items. Once you shop, upload your receipt that has a qualifying purchase and you will earn cash back. Share the apps with your friends and once they sign up, you will receive $5.00.

Grocery IQ: Link your smart phone to your wireless printer and print coupons found only on You can print up to two coupons from your smart phone.

Receipt Hog:  Is only available for iPhone uses.  With this money saving app, you will earn money by submitting your store receipts. Each item that you purchase will give you a coin value, once you reach $5.00 in coins you can give it as a gift to a charity or cash out with a payment through Papyal.

My top favorite apps that I have on my phone is Foursquare, Shopkick, Endorse, Ibotta, and Viggle.  Through these apps I have obtained many free gift cards.  To help me save on my larger purchases I hold on to my points and coins and cash out.  For example I have enough points on Shopkick for a $20 Target gift card.  I am going to hold on to my points until back to school shopping season start.  What are your favorite money saving apps?  How much have you saved or earned by using them?

Antoinette is known as Sister Save-A-Lot. You may have seen her on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” and “Extreme Couponing All Stars”. Antoinette shops with coupons to provide her daughter with a better life and better education. She prides herself on living on less and wants you to do the same. Antoinette isn’t cheap, she is frugal. Join her on her frugal journey and learn from the Master of Frugal Living. Be sure to keep up with Antoinette great deals on her Sister Save-A-Lot blog. Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at sistersavealot.

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