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“He had “Spanking Ain’t Just For Kids,” that was a top record right there. And “I Didn’t Mean to Bite Your Thigh,” that was a hot one. That was one that got them through the early 80’s. That was big. “So Miserable Without You It’s Almost As Though You Were Here,” that was another one.” Cedric says his character was forced to leave soul music behind once the inevitable aging of his audience happened.

“Like all of us he was a sex symbol. He was Teddy Pendergrass up on that stage. Then he realized that it wasn’t thongs being thrown up on that stage anymore. He got hit with a Spanx one day and it felt as though the Lord was calling him on in.”

Although the cast realizes they have a responsibility to represent the Black church in a respectful way, “The Soul Man” is a comedy. So expect that in Season 2, even more straddling of that fine line will take place.

“We pushed the envelope even more so,” Cedric says. “It was one of those things as to where in the first season we wanted to tell the story of the guy and his transition and now I gotta live the lessons that we practice what we preach. You’ll see  a lot of the things where we try to do the right things and we get caught up in them. We throw a party at our house and the wrong element shows up. That goes crazy. We do a same sex marriage and [that causes problems] with the older delegation. Paula Jai Parker is rocking a character and then Kim Wayans stops by and I do an episode about getting older and gotta get the prostrate exam. We’re trying to go a little bit outslde the church but still be related to what it is to be living on a righteous path.”

The second season of “The Soul Man” debuts tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern on TV Land.

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