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From the day after his season-ending injury, it was clear to me that Robert Griffin III had every intention of trying to be back on the field when the Washington Washington Football Team open their 2013 season in Philadelphia.  No one questions Griffin’s desire to play, or his dedication to the team and the game, but one must wonder, what’s the rush? R G – 3 has made it no secret that he intends to be under center on opening day, despite the serious nature of his injury.

Apparently, the Washington Football Team have co-signed the effort by continuing to brag about the speedy recovery of Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson. One difference is that when Peterson got hurt, he shut it down, while Griffin refused to come out of the game despite the entire world watching his leg dangling from the knee. Just as the team ignored the obvious then, they are seemingly encouraging this rush back into action. If they don’t feel that back-up QB Kirk Cousins can handle it, then someone in the front office should be dismissed for wasting a fairly high draft pick.

It’s interesting because the Washington Football Team went through the trouble of making the surprise draft pick of Cousins last year, even after selecting Griffin. But instead of prepping Cousins to hold it down until they are absolutely certain that their franchise QB is ready to go, the team has decided to endorse this push to get R G – III ready for Day 1. Griffin has been constantly bragging on how quickly his knees have recovered from surgery and how he’s ready to go to work, and it all sounds good with no opponent chasing you and no one laying a 2 – 300 pound hit on that knee.

Personally, I like Griffin and his awesome skills, but I question his knowledge of when to hold em, and when to fold em. He has already shown with this unnecessary injury that he has issues about getting off the field and not hurting his team when he’s not 100%. Maybe this season, he will let the coaches know when or if he’s injured, but considering all the hype about a Game 1 return, none of them seem to have learned anything from this experience.