Tom: There’s probably like two, three generations that have no clue of the name Angela Davis, the Black Panther Party, Power to the People. They don’t know the story.

Jada: No, they don’t know the story.

Tom: The only Soledad they know is O’Brien.

Jada: Ha, that’s true. That’s one of the reasons why I felt this particular documentary was so important. It’s such a powerful aspect of not just Black history but American history and world history. I mean, Angela Davis become the figure of freedom and justice not only in our country but around the world. The world rallied around this woman during the trial. Many people in our nation, not just African-Americans – you’ll see in this movie – but Latinos, white people, everybody that believed in the ideals in this country rallied around Angela Davis during her trial. It’s really the illumination of the building blocks that we know today. When I took my kids they only know the America that voted in and African-American president, President Barack Obama. That’s the only world they know. It kind of brough them to a new reality of what America was and how far we’ve come.

Tom: Angela Davis was known for her iconic Afro.

Sybil: This is Tom’s takeaway from this, Jada.

Tom: Jada I watched the movie. Having had an Afro in the past and to have neat Afro is a lot of work, her Afro was always in place. Always.

Sybil: There was never a flat side.

Tom: No. Even when she entered a courtroom –

Jada: When she entered a courtroom, in all of her interviews –

Even in prison, her hair was on point!

Tom: She never had flat-top or side-top, it was always blown out and perfect. In every scene in that movie and I watched the whole movie…there was one scene when the police raided the Black Panther Party at 4:30 in the morning and she was down there talking to the press at 7:30 in the morning, she had just woke up. And she looked like she had just got out the chair!

Jada: It was on point. You’re right. She did not miss a beat. Not one beat.

Tom: it starts in selected AMC theaters on Friday. Check your local listings.

Sybil: And your partner, Sidra Smith, is also the twin sister of Tasha Smith.

Jada: Yeah, she is.

Sybil: Pretty dynamic family there, too.

Jada: Absolutely.

Tom: Good work, Jada, good work. I like this.


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