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Yes, I’m gloating.

Yes indeed I’m gloating. You can bet your sweet derriere I’m gloating.

On Wednesday night, March 27, 2013, the Chicago Bulls officially ended the Miami Heat’s winning streak at 27 games.

Heat fans hoping that their guys would break the 41-year-old Los Angeles Lakers’ record of winning 33 straight games have been brought back to reality.

And we Lakers fans that hope the record set by the 1971-1972 squad will never be broken feel somewhat vindicated.

For me, the feelings of vindication go far beyond my being a Lakers fan. In addition to seeing the Heat lose to the Bulls, it was nice seeing LeBron James eat a little crow.

Let me assure all of you LeBron fans out there that I’m no hater. I’ll concede your guy has game, and plenty of it. He’ll never replace the likes of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or Michael Jordan in my heart, but I can see where LeBron might replace them in yours.

Yes, the Heat did win the 2011-2012 National Basketball Association title, and LeBron was the main reason.

The U.S. Men’s Olympic team won gold at last summer’s London games. Without LeBron, they’d have been lucky to win a bronze.

So yeah, LeBron’s got game. And he just might be every bit as good as he thinks he is.

But his team isn’t nearly as good as LeBron thinks it is. In LeBron’s world, the 2012-2013 Heat’s winning streak was far more impressive than the Lakers’ 1971-1972 winning streak, even though the Heat’s streak fell six games shy of tying the record.

What was LeBron’s reasoning? That the NBA of 1971-1972 wasn’t as talented as the NBA of 2012-2013.

“Back then, the leagues were separate,” LeBron said in an interview before the Heat lost to the Bulls. “It wasn’t a full league at the time. The (American Basketball Association) and the NBA leagues spread apart. So some of the greatest players weren’t even in the NBA at the time.”

LeBron must have realized that he seriously ticked off some old-school NBA fans, because he felt compelled to add a quick, “But that takes nothing away from what (the Lakers) were able to accomplish.”

Negro, Please: LeBron James Dead Wrong About NBA History  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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