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The hostage standoff in Midland, Alabama has ended this afternoon nearly a week after Jimmy Lee Dykes kidnapped a child from a local school bus, killing the bus driver in the process. Dykes had held the 5-year-old child hostage for several days while authorities tried to negotiate with him for the boy’s release. A press conference with law enforcment officials revealed that talks broke down this afternoon after police spotted the kidnapper holding a gun.

In the process of ending this crisis which has horrified this community, Dykes was killed, and the child was safely rescued and has been taken to a local hospital for tests and further evaluations. According to authorities, the boy seemed to be in pretty good shape, which is a relief to his family and school children in this small Alabama town. Dykes killed 65-year-old bus driver Charles Poland, Jr., who died trying to protect the children on his school bus.