While we’re fighting off the flu and fluctuating temperatures out here in Richmond, guess who is living the good life out on the beach in Jamaica at Beaches Resorts? Yep, you guessed right – it’s the one & only King Tutt.

Check out the beautiful sights and scenes he sent us, but don’t worry, he wants you to join him there, too. Think you’re ready for a bit of a tropical excursion of your own this year? Well, just by clicking through this exclusive photo gallery and listening daily, you’re one step closer to be on the next dream vacation we’ve got in store for you.

Click on the images or the links below to find out where when and how you can join the seaside beach party on the 99.3/105.7 Soul Plane Flyaway where we’ll send you to paradise, too, just for tuning in and participating.

Keep up with King Tutt in beautiful sunny Jamaica on Twitter – @djkingtutt804 for live updates and find out when he’s giving away another trip of a lifetime so you can be the next big winner.


Soul Plane Flyaway

Live @ Lunch with King Tutt

Big Game Bookie Winning Weekend