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I’m a workout fanatic who will change up my sneakers every couple of months, but is too lazy to switch up my sports bra. Yes, I’m calling myself out on this one!

Yesterday was my gym day and as I scrambled to get dressed and pack my gym bag, I totally forgot to include my trusty sports bra. When did I realize this? The moment my train was pulling out of the station. Guess I’m not working out today…What will I tell my trainer??

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I made it to work on time, but felt so guilty that I was going to have to miss my workout. As I sat at my desk, I overheard my co-w0rker drooling over a Bali Comfort Revolution Smart Sizes Shaping bra she had just received in the mail, but knew would not fit her DD’s.

And then I heard: “Deb, do you think this will fit you?” Those words were music to my ears, the workout gods were on my side…this bra WILL fit me! I immediately went to the ladies room, tried it on and YES it was a perfect match. I fell in love with it the minute I put it on.

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This bra is very comfortable and almost feels like you’re wearing nothing. But how will it perform when I’m jumping rope or doing my plyometric exercises?

Once I started doing my explosive jumps and squats, I noticed my breasts were not flapping around and I didn’t have to hold them down like I usually do.

This is the most comfortable bra that I have worn in a long time. The fabric is so soft you feel like you’re wearing absolutely nothing! I can’t believe something so comfortable can give such great support.

I definitely recommend this bra for everyday wear. $36 at

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