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On Saturday, October 27, 2012, Radio One Presented Miss Community’s “5th Annual Now World Listen Up! Women Are Talking” women’s forum held at the Trinity Family Life Center 3601 Dill Road, Richmond, VA 23223.

The theme – the “Trial Behind the Smile” I claim the victory. The forum  featured dynamic women poised enough to share their real life stories of tragedy to triumph. We uncovered the smiles behind the trials and gave women the tools for claiming the victory in every aspect of their lives. We did in-depth discussions on our health, finances, fitness, education, family, entreprenuership, and politics. Together the women and I will participate in “meatless Mondays” we all need to detox.

Ladies we take care of families, homes, cars and others better than we take of ourselves. This should not be. Be good to you and your body then you are  best equipped to take care of others. I tried it! I tested it! It’s true!

Featured speakers: Sgt Carol Adams, Richmond Police Department on Domestic Violence, Atrianna Morris, Equipped for Life- entreprenuership, Katina Green, two time breast cancer survivor- breast cancer awareness, Elder Juliette Davis, HIV/AIDS Advocate, Mara Winters, Anthem Fitness Center and Health, Deborah Mallory, Assurance Federal Credit Union and Angela Elizabeth Baker, certified holistic practitioner, biologist and herbalist.

The “Trial Behind the Smile” Elder Juliette Davis (pictured-l) was celibate and married the man she loved who was HIV positive. Davis is founder of Juliette Davis ministries and is an HIV/AIDS educator and advocate.

Artrianna Morris (pictured-r) is president and founder of Equipped for Life. She was at the height of her career when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Morris believes the stress of taking care of others and neglecting herself caused the breast cancer.