The Mitt Romney supporter pictured in this post was indeed inside a Romney campaign event in plain view of the public, the media, and the Romney campaign officials, yet the GOP Presidential candidate’s staff and security apparently looked the other way with pride when this man showed up wearing a T-shirt that read ” Put the WHITE back in the White House “. You don’t really need a translator to read between those lines as it is quite obvious what the statement means, and the T-shirt had an official Romney/Ryan campaign logo above the racially insensitive statement.

This is just one of the latest racially disrespectful and disgraceful displays put on by Mitt Romney supporters and surrogates throughout this campaign. While Romney issued a statement disavowing the T-shirt, one has to wonder how they missed it. Thanks to the media, we are able to see these things that perhaps weren’t meant for public consumption but only for Romney supporters and for those who practice racial hatred.

Add the T-shirt to the Birthers, the Clint Eastwood lynchings, to Romney’s own joke on the stump about how no one has asked to see his birth certificate because they know he was born and raised here in America, it is simply shameful. So desperate is Romney to win, so hateful is the anti-Obama crowd, that they all appear willing to do and say AMYTHING to defeat the President of the United States in this upcoming election. Makes you wonder what they will do or say if Obama wins re-election. From the looks and sound of things, it’s a scary thought.

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