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Trenton, New Jersey Mayor Tony Mack and a dozen others were arrested today by FBI agents in connection with an ongoing investigation of corruption. Since Mack took office, his administration has been accused of misdeeds with nepotism and reckless spending at the forefront, while several members of his own team have either resigned or distanced themselves from Mack and his staff. The Mayor has had one of his staff members arrested for embezzlement, while another former city employee has sued the Mayor’s office after being fired for asking about city funds which were reportedly missing.

Mack’s problems began almost immediately with many employees leaving because they felt the Mayor didn’t believe in “good government”. He and the others will soon appear in federal court, including some of Mack’s big campaign donors, who were arrested as well. Formal and more specific charges will be announced at that time. Most observers in and around New Jersey politics say the question was not if Mack would be stopped, but when.