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Tropical Storm Issac is now bearing down on the Gulf Coast gaining strength slowly and is now officially listed as a Category 1 Hurricane, expected to make landfall late tonight or early Wednesday. While the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Region brace themselves for the unknown, a sigh of relief in Tampa, Florida where the Republican National Convention is going on. Tampa was in the orginal projected track of the storm, which took a dramatic turn once into the Gulf Of Mexico, and there are still flooding concerns in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. While the wind and rain are anticipated, it’s the storm’s surge that will create the havoc and destruction.

According to the National Weather Service, Issac is headed for landfall just west of New Orleans, while Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle could stiil see strong winds and rain. Certainly a better outlook now with thousands of visitors and travelers moving into that Tampa area for the RNC. Issac has forced hundreds of flight cancellations in South Florida, a total of 555 at Miami International Airport alone on Sunday. Issac is now 400 miles wide and pushing winds at around 90 mph as it moves into the Gulf region, where a stretch of 300 miles of coastline is on alert as evacuations began in New Orleans two days ago.