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The Republican National Convention continues in Tampa this evening after being spared by Hurricane Issac, which changed course and moved into the Gulf of Mexico. On center stage tonight with much-anticipated speeches are the wife of the presumptive nominee, Ann Romney, who hopes to rehabilitate her husband’s image of being so wealthy and business oriented that he has no clue what the average American goes through on a regular basis. Correct or not, it is how Mitt Romney has been defined, and he has certainly done and said enough along the campaign trail to confirm those feelings.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who reportedly turned down Romney’s offer to be his Vice President before selecting Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, will also speak to the convention this evening. Christie is popular among Republican circles, and many felt he would have been the GOP nominee had he decided to run for President. There is wide speculation that should Romney lose, Christie will make a Republican run in 2016, so his speech will not only be in support of Romney, but a personal introduction to the nation.