Dr. Dip

Charlotte’s Salsa Ambassador

Dr. Dip is the salsa name for our finance columnist Rashad Phillips. He typically writes about ways to save money and build wealth, but he’s such a passionate salsa dancer that he wrote the guest column for us. Read his finance columns below:

The Secret To Getting Your Man Away From Sports And Into You!!!

It’s Not What You Have, It’s What You’re Worth

Time To Have The Talk: The Money Talk

Are You Substituting Money For Self-Worth?

Want to try Salsa?

Free Salsa Social at Upscale Restaurant & Lounge (every 1st Tuesday of the month)

Charlotte Latin Dance’s Free Salsa Social at Villa Antonio on South Boulevard (last Tuesday of each month)

Charlotte Mambo Society’s First Saturday Social (1st Saturday of each month)

World Dance Center’s Wednesday Salsa Socials (every Wednesday)

Beginners are welcome at all Salsa events.

Dirty Dancing: Dr. Dip Conquers His Fear Of Dancing With Women  was originally published on my927charlotte.com

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